About QORF

Our Mission

Improving the lives of Queenslanders by supporting innovative, quality orthopaedic research  and collaboration across the musculoskeletal communities.

Our Vision

To become a globally recognised orthopaedic research collaborative.

The Queensland Orthopaedic Research Foundation Institute (known as QORF) is a not-for-profit and registered charitable (Health Promotion Charity) organisation committed to improving lives by supporting innovative orthopaedic research in Queensland. QORF is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and is dedicated to the improvement of musculoskeletal outcomes in Queensland.

With the ability to provide a wide degree of research support to the professional orthopaedic community in Queensland, QORF supports projects both large and small.   Focusing on supporting junior doctors and training registrars, QORF aims to help them build a strong foundation for their research careers. 

In addition to funding, QORF aims to offer new investigators opportunities to establish mentor relationships with well-respected orthopaedic surgeons and access to a database of experienced research professionals who share our passion and vision for Queensland based orthopaedic research.


In 2001, the Queensland Orthopaedic Research Trust (QORT) was established to further the academic aspirations of Queensland Orthopaedics.  The Trustees included Dr Peter Boys, Dr Greg Gillett and Dr Ian Dickinson as Chair.  During this initial period, two Orthopaedic Chairs were established - Professor Ross Crawford as Chair of Orthopaedic Research at the Prince Charles Hospital and Professor Michael Schuetz as Chair of Trauma initially at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and now at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

The Chair was instrumental in providing support for the Spinal Research Institute at the Mater Children’s Hospital in association with Princess Alexandra Hospital.  Numerous small and large projects were also supported in this period including collaborations with many of the major hospitals and universities in Queensland.

In 2015, the QORT Board was advised by the Queensland Branch of the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) of the need to broaden its ability to autonomously distribute funds to help with research initiatives for the wider Queensland orthopaedic community.  As a result, in 2016 the long standing QORT was closed and all funds donated to a new ACNC registered charity, the Queensland Orthopaedic Research Foundation Institute (QORF).